Spring 2018

Ready for the upgrade – March 2018

It’s time for another spring season of chaos.  As February has disappeared into the archives and March comes in with sunshine, our goal is to organize and prepare for the 2018 spring push.

Organizing:  It’s a danger in modern agriculture to forsake management and planning for the operations to take place later in the season.  Early season discounts, periodic maintenance and updates of machinery, and supplier communication done now can save headaches and inefficiencies that will become costly later.  Hans, Craig, and Barry work together with Doug and Arthur to prioritize and plan the tasks.  Seed, fertilizer, and crop protection decisions have been made, and mostly purchased, but we continue to fine tune the particular rates and products down to the exact acre.  Newer equipment is capable of varying these inputs precisely, but human input is still needed to program and install these devices.  Ag management software SMS and John Deere’s Greenstar systems have helped us for years, and we are now adding Climate Field View, and Precision Planting technology, to help us accomplish these tasks.  Now we must decide which equipment needs which products and how to go about the preparation of the equipment.  

Preparation:  We purchased a used JD 8260R last December, and today we hooked it to our corn planter. Parked nicely in our shop it awaits a complete tear down and rebuild to bring it up to the newest in precision technology and ability.  Paul will be pulled out of his most comfortable position (the driver’s seat of a truck) and put on a creeper to help with the project which Craig will oversee.  If Barry is lucky, he will snag Paul to help do the supposedly simple project of replacing the muffler on the 410J backhoe.  Never underestimate the need of a backhoe in spring work.  There will always be lingering effects of winter erosion.  Other equipment requiring maintenance by the middle of March include the sprayer and the fertilizer application equipment.

While there is time to accomplish all these tasks, we wish to attempt to do them as economically and with the view of long term goals.    Wish us a “precision” spring.