About the Farm

DAC Farms owns and/or operates around 3400 acres of cropland in southern Illinois.  All of this cropland is used for the purposes of growing field corn, soybeans, and winter wheat. Mostly a corn to soybean rotation year to year is followed.  Farming is a year-round operation, but busier times occur in spring planting and fall harvest.  (March-May), (September-October). “DAC” is an acronym for “Doug, Arthur, Clement.”  The farm is owned and operated by these members and their heirs. Doug, Arthur, Hans, Craig, and Barry are actively involved. Read more about our history here.


Farm operations involve a variety of work in the individual fields, at the farm base,  or errands in local towns.

  1. Winter: Grain hauling, equipment maintenance, crop planning, financial budgeting, field repair work
  2. Spring: Field preparation, fertilizer application, planting crops, spraying, crop scouting
  3. Summer: Crop scouting, spraying, wheat harvest, machinery cleanup, construction project, grain hauling, mowing
  4. Autumn: Machinery preparation, harvest, planting wheat, fall tillage, spraying, machinery cleanup and storage, soil sampling

Goals and Principles

These are the goals and principles on which DAC Farms operates:

  1. Honor God in the work of farming.
  2. Provide an honest means of living for the families involved in the work
  3. Value the property entrusted to us.
  4. Make a profit to continue growth, and give to others.


DAC Farms is located in Lawrence County, Illinois near the small town of Saint Francisville.  Our main farm base is located along state highway 1 nearly 6 miles south of Lawrenceville, Il.  Look for 2 grain legs and a white canvas topped hoop building.

DAC return address