Land is a very valuable asset.  At DAC Farms we strive to manage the land responsibly to produce crops.

At DAC Farms we have years of experience in ownership, management, and utilization of cropland. Many of the acres that we farm are owned directly by family members within the operation. Additionally we operate a large number of acres from multiple lessors.  Much of this leased land is also conjoined with family owned land.  EVERY acre of land that we farm is managed as equally important and is carefully studied to maximize the long term value to both the landowner and DAC Farms.

Best Farming Practices:  This is a broad area of management (soil, water, tillage, pests, health, safety) that DAC Farms strives to operate under.  We believe we are stewards of the land, and we will always take that responsibility seriously.  We have many resources available to help with this including the latest publications, NRCS, FSA, industry leaders, and modern machinery.

These are a few things DAC Farms does to work with landowners and provide value to their property.

  1. Soil Sampling: Soil Sampling is critical to maintain proper soil health and fertility. Hans personally takes every soil sample to ensure consistent year to year comparisons. He designs his own sample grids based on the operational knowledge of soil types and farming observations.  Many farms will hire third parties to pull these samples, but we invest our own time so we can better analyze our results.  Samples are then sent to reputable labs for processing.  Upon their return they are imported into the highest level of farm management software for further analysis.  We are always happy to share the results, analysis, and recommendations to our landowners.  This is their soil and we treat is seriously.
  2. Farm Management Software and Reports: At DAC Farms every task on the acres farmed is recorded and much of this is imported into software the helps analyze the results.  We can provide landowners with many different reports to help with long or short term decision making for both landowners and the operator.
  3. Water Management:  Erosion of good soil is one of the principle causes of a decline in productivity.  In southern Illinois there are many areas that need proper terracing and drainage devices installed to control water flow and erosion. We operate our own machinery to install drainage tile and build terraces. Proper tillage, no-till, and cover crops are also used by DAC Farms to ensure that soil is maintained and in many cases IMPROVED.
  4. Pests: Disease, weeds, and insect pressure are all significant pressures on cropland in southern Illinois. Resistance to chemicals and traits can develop over time and if left with a lack of good management, these pests can cause long term effect to the value of that land. DAC Farms rotates high quality pest management practices to help deter the development of resistance and noxious pests.
  5. Communication:  Agriculture is a constantly developing business. We realize that landowners lives, goals, and circumstances develop and change too.  We are always willing to discuss the needs of the landowner regarding their land, and work with them to meet these needs.

If you currently own or are looking to purchase cropland in Lawrence County or surrounding counties, we are always happy to discuss farming practices, or what DAC Farms can do to make your property more valuable.  Contact us and research us.